I played a scary amount of Magic the Gathering during the mid 90s and was travelling all over the country playing at pro tour and pre release tournaments. At Warp Con in Ireland I was reintroduced to board games through Settlers of Catan and Lunch Money. That began my addiction! I gave up playing Magic not long after and ditched mana for meeples.

Over twenty years and around 500 games later...I currently demo for Esdevium Games, have previously demoed with Z-Man and Mayfair Games at some of the largest gaming events in Europe. I am an admin for The Boardgame Group on Facebook (approaching 16,000 members). I also work with numerous games companies and designers to develop and playtest their new games.

For me, the heavier the game, the better but I will pretty much play any game you put in front of me! Despite many prayers to the Dice Gods, they still hate me so I tend to avoid games that involve a lot of dice rolling. I'm also not a big fan of player elimination as there's nothing worse then sitting and watching other people playing.

I have been travelling to the Dallas, Texas for BGGCon for the past two years to meet some of my online US friends for games, and met many new people (or should I say opponents) from around the world. This year I'll be representing Team Geek. This year I also went out to the invite only HeavyCon in Denver, Colorado this year to do more of the same.

This is my attempt at sharing my addiction with the rest of the world and hopefully helping you find some new and interesting games.

If you see me at an event come and say hi, I'm pretty recognisable and if the hat doesn't give it away look for the red meeple tattooed on my right wrist, yes, I Play Red!

Contact Kat @ I Play Red

Drop me a message if;

  • you have any questions about reviews, our blog,
  • you want to hire me for any upcoming events. hire me
  • you want to send me a game (how lovely!), for review, proofreading, playtesting
  • ...or just to say hello.
Blogger, Reviewer, Playtester, Demonstrator and advocate for Boardgame and Tabletop gaming
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