The astute among you may have noticed the name change over the weekend. When I first thought about this site over two years ago I struggled with a name for it. I wanted something clever and quirky that reflected me, something that stood out and was memorable in the sea of bloggers, something good!

It was at least six months after my initial plan before I came up with the idea of The Mad Katter. I love the original takes of Alice in Wonderland, i love tea and yes, at times I'm 'not right in the head'!

So, decided, I ventured out and have been writing, tweeting and instagramming (is that even a word?!) under that name for nearly two years now. The minute I started hash tagging everything a realisation came to me, everyone uses the same boardgaming, boardgamegeek etc but i started tagging with iplayred, after all, I do! It suddenly hit me that my name had always been easier than I thought and sometimes simple is the cleverest. At this point, The Mad Katter was live and I'd had a huge number of cards printed up so that was what I would stick with.

We bought the domain name for I Play Red a while back and it's been there, lurking for a bit. With a new year and new resolve now seemed a good time for a new name too, and here it is!

Welcome to the old/new 'I Play Red'