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Do you need people to playtest your game? Do you need someone to get people playing your game at an event?

Available for games demoing at stores and exhibitions, playtesting, in the UK, Europe, well... almost anywhere in the world. I have and do work with many different companies including Z-Man, Mayfair, Esdevium, Pleasant Company Games and Arcane Wonders and Black Box Games (Lords of War). Also available for games proof-reading and testing.

Please feel free to send me a message or contact me via the IPlayRedGaming FacebookPage if you have an exhibition or in-store event coming up that needs experienced professional staff for setup, demoing, sales, you name it.

Lords of War @ PlayMargate 2015

Upcoming events

If you're at any of the upcoming events I'm working at come and say hello and ask me for a game.


Previous events





Blogger, Reviewer, Playtester, Demonstrator and advocate for Boardgame and Tabletop gaming
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