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Board game walkthroughs for upcoming releases, kickstarter projects and classic games.
Parallax horrified componentss


‘OK, this is strange!’, I hear you cry, ‘Kat is talking about a co-operative game.’ Well, let me assure you lovely people I haven’t been body-snatched or anything sinister, it does happen occasionally. There are a few great games that are co-ops (and I mean just a few!!) but this one caught my eye because of….. Theme (let me assure you again this is not an alien in Kat form) Universal Studio Monsters, there, I said it, that’s the only reason I HAD to track down this game!


We love a good train game here and Traintopia certainly fits that category! Train games can vary wildly in complexity but Traintopia is a great family game that has us puzzling over our moves at times. Build routes for tourists, commuters and goods, building up your routes to become the best rail network.

Paris: La Cite de la Lumiere

The City of Paris was the place to be in 1889, hosting the World’s Fair. Here, there wow-ed the world with the introduction of electric public lighting. Paris is a two-player tile-laying game that plays in around thirty minutes. You take on the role of a city planner, ensure each building is bathed in as much light as possible, inspire artists and surprise Parisians and visitors with the wonder of the Citys new lighting system!In the box you get:1 game board (incor

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Parallax exit games

It takes two

We all know that games are not the work of one person, it takes a team of play-testers, developers, marketers and artists to get a game on a shelf. However, usually all we really see is the one name on the box. Today we look at some of the best partnerships out there.

What did you play last year?

So, last year I played just over 200 games total. (BGG says just under 200 but I know I forget to log sometimes!) At least 82 of them were ‘new to me’ games, either games from our shelf of opportunity or new releases. I don’t want to do a ‘top ten of 2019’ or even of the decade as I haven’t played ALL the games and know there will be stuff I’m missing out that deserve to be on there

End of Year Musings

At this time of year, I used to sit and work out a gaming challenge for the following year. Usually a ten by ten challenge, sometimes something crazy - one year we attempted a hundred train games in the year. The ten by ten is a great thing, it allows you to deep dive strategies for games and sometimes it determines that you really don’t need to play that one game anymore and it can make room on the shelf for something else!


Photos of games I play, conventions I attend and places I go and occasionally cats.
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Finally got Shakespeare off the shelf of shame! Not sure Rob enjoyed it as much as me and our choices were quite limited playing only 2 players . . . . #boardgamegeek #tabletopgames #tabletop #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgaming #iplayred
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Finally got to play Azul: Summer Pavillion from @next_move_games Not sure how I really feel about it just yet. Think I preferred the streamlined scoring in Stained Glass of Sintra. . . . . #tabletop #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #eurogames #boardgamegeek #boardgames #iplayred
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Weve been playing a lot of Russian Railroads online at @boardgamearena while it's only been the 2 of us, but we did have to pull out the real thing to use these awesome upgraded pieces from @bgexpansions . . . . #tabletop #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #eurogames #boardgamegeek #boardgames #iplayred

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This week we took a look at all four versions of The Game, which was a game we originally picked up bought at Essen about 5 years ago and our beaten up copy is still going strong,
Rob talked me into doing a Ten Minute Teach of Into The Echoside (from Dark Carnival Games), the Insane Clown Posse deckbuilder, only if he did a segment about the band. But here's a quick rundown of the game, I hope you enjoy. https://www.psychopathicvault.com/product/into-the-echoside-deck-building-game/

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We might play quite a few games on occassion
Azul: Summer Pavilion
Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road
Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

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