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Board game walkthroughs for upcoming releases, kickstarter projects and classic games.
Parallax ratzzia mid game


Winter is coming! The humans pantry is full but the local mice need to stock up for the coming harsh winter. Each player controls a family of mice trying to sneak into the pantry and escape with what they can. The first player to fill their sack up with goodies wins the game!

Shadows of Macao

As the head of a triad, your goal is to amass as much money as possible, well, at least more than your fellow triads, anyway! Shadows of Macao is a quick and easy game with beautiful looking cards and artwork.


It’s not often a game stops me in my tracks to look at because it’s so beautiful, but Bosk certainly has that effect on people! It simply looks stunning on the table with its 3D trees, falling leaves, squirrels and vibrant colours. But does the gameplay live up to the table presence?

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Parallax paladins

What did you play last year?

So, last year I played just over 200 games total. (BGG says just under 200 but I know I forget to log sometimes!) At least 82 of them were ‘new to me’ games, either games from our shelf of opportunity or new releases. I don’t want to do a ‘top ten of 2019’ or even of the decade as I haven’t played ALL the games and know there will be stuff I’m missing out that deserve to be on there

End of Year Musings

At this time of year, I used to sit and work out a gaming challenge for the following year. Usually a ten by ten challenge, sometimes something crazy - one year we attempted a hundred train games in the year. The ten by ten is a great thing, it allows you to deep dive strategies for games and sometimes it determines that you really don’t need to play that one game anymore and it can make room on the shelf for something else!

Is there a market for budget boardgames?

A recent post in a boardgame group on Facebook got me thinking: Is there a market for a value range of boardgames? Boardgaming is a luxury hobby, with even the cheapest games costing £12 - £15. Big box games have recently bumped up in price from around £40 - £45 to £50 - £60 a go. A while back I mused on the ‘cost per play’ aspect of gaming and the fact that some of our smaller, cheaper games gave bigger bangs per buck


Photos of games I play, conventions I attend and places I go and occasionally cats.
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The fabulous Railroad Revolution from @whatsyourgameeu Wanted to get the expansion played but decided we needed a refresher of the base game first! . . . . #tabletop #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #eurogames #boardgamegeek #boardgames #iplayred
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I really wasn't sure about 8the first time I played, now it's a firm favourite! Rajas of the Ganges . . . . #tabletop #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #boardgames #iplayred
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Digging out oldies but goodies that work well with 2P! Stone Age . . . . #tabletopgames #tabletop #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgaming #boardgamegeek #boardgames #iplayred

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Video content about board games, conventions and fun gaming related things
We had the chance to play Paris designed by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling and published by Game Brewer, here's a quick overview of the gameplay. Paris will be launching on Kickstarter on 16th March 2020. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamebrewer/paris-0
This week we look at Theurgy from the Ministry of Meeples which is coming to Kickstarter this month (March 2020). And it's live! https://bit.ly/39GkAOu

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We might play quite a few games on occassion
Great Western Trail
Shards of Infinity
Railroad Revolution
Stone Age
The Manhattan Project

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