Union Pacific
In a gaming world where train games are either ‘family games’ (Ticket to Ride) or heavy-weight (18XX), Union Pacific sits nicely in the middle. It’s a great introduction to some of the concepts of 18XX games.
At the beginning of the 16th Century Ulm is one of the largest municipal territories within the German Nation. Success and wealth are the result of citizens business acumen and craftsmanship. Will you go down in the annuls of history as one of Ulms’ important citizens?
Once a sleepy, fishing village, Yokohama opened up for foreign trade and became the premier hub of trade in all Japan. Firms were established to export Japanese products in exchange for foreign technologies and cultures.You play a merchant trying to achieve fame and fortune through successful business deals and transactions.I love bits, dice, meeples, cubes, cards, give me all and more! This is where Yokohama truly delivers!
Kickstarter Round-up - October
So, end of the month is approaching, which for a lot of us means pay day! What do you do when your FLGS has run out of stuff for you to buy? Well, obviously, you hit Kickstarter! Here are some of my current favourite projects!
With Essen Spiel coming up, this has got me thinking about the various conventions I have been to over the years.
Essen 2017
Since we are leaving for Essen Spiel Essen 2017 in exactly two weeks time, well we will already be on our way, here is my own personal notes on what I'm going to be picking up, buying and checking out.
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Finally got this to the table, really enjoyed it even if we played a few things wrong! . . . . #boardgaming #boardgames #craniocreations #eurogame #eurogamer #tabletopgame #tabletopgames #bgg #iplayred
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Some quick fillers to end the evening! The ever fun but frustrating Hanabi and Fuji Flush . . . #cardgame #tabletopgame #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgames #boardgamegeek #boardgamegirl #bgg #iplayred

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