Burgle Bros
The Burgle Bros are an elite team of burglars that pull off impossible heists. Together, you will play as the Burgle Bros crew trying to pull off the heist of the century. All while avoiding guards, alarms, and pitfalls you must crack three safes on different floors of the building and escape to the rooftop without a single member of the crew getting caught.
The lost island of Dokmus has been found, it is the birthplace of your tribe and your ancient God, Dokmus. As a tribe Elder, you are tasked with leading an expedition to the island. However, other tribes also have the same idea, you must do what it takes to gain the most favour and lead your tribe to victory!
If, like me, you had to spend hours in drama class at school pretending to be a tree, then this is the game you have been waiting for! Finally, this is that one situation you can use those hours of experience! You will play as a species of trees, competing to grow and spread seeds in the sunlight. The box contains:RulebookGame BoardSun Segment4 Sun Revolution Counters4 Player Boards1 First Player Token
Gaming Goals 2018
New year, new you and all that malarkey! So, with the new year comes resolutions (that get broken in the first week!), regular gym trips (that may last a month or two!) It’s this time of year where normally I’d be writing about our ten by ten challenge, however, this year we haven’t done one.
New Year, New Things!
So what's coming up early this year...?
Holiday Gaming
So, we all think over the holiday we’ll get a load of gaming done, but I bet a lot of us end up playing Monopoly with the family instead!
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Bobs just chilling but it seems we are all very angry atm! . . . . #boardgaming #boardgamegeeks #boardgame #tabletopgame #tabletopgaming #bobross #boardgamegirl #iplayred

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