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Century: Eastern Wonders
Century: Spice Road was released last year to much acclaim and was the first in a set of three games that were all standalones that could then also be played together. This year, brings us Century: Eastern Wonders. If you have played Spice Road, you will be familiar with a lot of he concepts in Eastern Wonders but there are enough new elements to keep you amused.
Brothers is the new tile placement 2-player game from Ankama Boardgames, take a look at it with us and you've even got a chance to win your own copy.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eREADT-qRxY
Poor Gretchinz! Basically they are the Ork underdogs, smaller than Orks, they get all the crumby jobs no one else wants. So, it’s hardly surprising they like to let their hair down (do Orks have hair?) every so often and indulge in some fun! In this Warhammer 40k based game from Devir, you take on the role of a Gretchin in your pieced together, piece of junk car, racing across the wasteland whilst trying to take out your opponents.
5 for the 5th - Essential Expansions
So, there is a tonne of great expansions coming out this year - Great Western Trail, Santa Maria and Railroad Revolution to name a few. Lots of expansions just add that helpful fifth player, some just add extra cards which is nice, but don’t actually add anything to gameplay. What expansions really add to the game?
Kickstarter Round-up - July
Kickstarters a bit like Christmas, isn’t it? Those games you backed months, maybe even years ago, turning up on your doorstep long after you’d forgotten about them! (Or is it just me that manages to forget about stuff?) Just last week I had Founders of Gloomhaven drop at my door and in the very near future I should receive Mint Delivery, Brass and a metric tonne of poker chips that I might have accidentally splurged on when backing Brass.
Founders of Gloomhaven Unboxing
Look what what arrived this morning thanks the not-at-all chirpy DPD delivery driver (other couriers are available). My first unboxing video, and I'm quite excited about this one.
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Finally cracked open my copy of Orleans after playing everyone else's! It's definitely growing on me the more I play it! @tastyminstrel . . . . #orleans #eurogamer #boardgamegeek #boardgaming #boardgames #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #bgg #gamergirl #analoggaminggrrrl #iplayred
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What a great day gaming! Had friends unexpectedly in the afternoon and played Majesty (bottom R) and spice road. Usual gaming group this evening and played Russian Railroads @zmangames_ (top L) , Dragon Castle (top R) @cmongames and Gretchinz (bottom L) @deviriberia ! . . . . #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #boardgamegeek #boardgaming #boardgames #analoggaminggrrrl #iplayred
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Unearth,.nice little dice chucker with beautiful art! My winning tableau with 38 points! . . . . #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #cardgame #dicegame #boardgaming #boardgames #analoggaminggrrrl #iplayred

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