We've put together a quick walkthrough and gameplay video for Illusion by Wolfgang Warsch, we had a long talk with NSV (Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag) at Spielwarenmesse 2018 and saw a number of excellent new releases. This is but one of them.
Star Plus
Star Plus is a quick and simple little card game where the aim is simply to get rid of your hand. Easy, right? Umm…. no, in fact it’s not! Beautifully illustrated with the twelve zodiac signs, Star Plus is a great little filler that will really get you thinking!
I Play Red is proud to present our first Walkthrough video featuring Darwinning, the evolution themed trick-taking game, here we're taking a look at the prototype version. The game went live on Kickstarter on February 24th 2018 and has already made about 35% of it's target. Check out the video and feel free to subscribe to my channel.
Podcast #1 - Airecon 5
I Play Red has put together our first podcast. We hope you enjoy "...A shoddy and ill-prepared first podcast of ramblings after 3 days away at AireCon 5 - Analog Gaming Convention in Harrogate, UK. We talk about the con and nonsense. Lots of pictures from the con to distract you from our mouths..."
5 for the 5th - Convention Necessities
This month it’s all about conventions, the season is rapidly approaching, with AireCon next weekend and BGG Con tickets going on sale today it’s at the front of my mind! What are the 5 most important things you need for a convention.
Spielwarenmesse 2018 Video
Following up on our recent visit to Spielwarenmesse, Nuremberg, we put together a video of some of the shows highlights. There was so much there that this is still just a fraction of what we saw in the gaming halls.
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