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Board game walkthroughs for upcoming releases, kickstarter projects and classic games.
Parallax bosk components


It’s not often a game stops me in my tracks to look at because it’s so beautiful, but Bosk certainly has that effect on people! It simply looks stunning on the table with its 3D trees, falling leaves, squirrels and vibrant colours. But does the gameplay live up to the table presence?

Gates of Delirium

Gates of Delirium is a 2-4 player game with multi-use cards that has area control elements and set collection, all wrapped up in a Cthulhu setting with beautifully illustrated Great Old Ones.


OK, so we’re a sucker for a game with an animal theme (yes, especially cats) and this has big cats so we’re in! In Ecos players are creating the planet together, but quite often with different ideals! Simultaneous play means no downtime, just a lot of fun to be had!

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Parallax paladins

What did you play last year?

So, last year I played just over 200 games total. (BGG says just under 200 but I know I forget to log sometimes!) At least 82 of them were ‘new to me’ games, either games from our shelf of opportunity or new releases. I don’t want to do a ‘top ten of 2019’ or even of the decade as I haven’t played ALL the games and know there will be stuff I’m missing out that deserve to be on there

End of Year Musings

At this time of year, I used to sit and work out a gaming challenge for the following year. Usually a ten by ten challenge, sometimes something crazy - one year we attempted a hundred train games in the year. The ten by ten is a great thing, it allows you to deep dive strategies for games and sometimes it determines that you really don’t need to play that one game anymore and it can make room on the shelf for something else!

Is there a market for budget boardgames?

A recent post in a boardgame group on Facebook got me thinking: Is there a market for a value range of boardgames? Boardgaming is a luxury hobby, with even the cheapest games costing £12 - £15. Big box games have recently bumped up in price from around £40 - £45 to £50 - £60 a go. A while back I mused on the ‘cost per play’ aspect of gaming and the fact that some of our smaller, cheaper games gave bigger bangs per buck


Photos of games I play, conventions I attend and places I go and occasionally cats.
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First play through of Theurgy from @ministryofmeeples Elements of Dominant Species and Scythe, with monsters! Video coming soon, available on Kickstarter next month! . . . . #boardgamegeek #tabletop #boardgames #boardgaming #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames #kickstarter #eurogames #iplayred
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After multiple recommendations we played Neom for the first time! Quick city building tile placement game . . . . #boardgamegeek #tabletop #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #iplayred
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Finished my first ever adult jigsaw with 1000 pieces! Been feeling rubbish mentally and physically so it's been a great stress free (ish!) way to spend the weekend with @braindeaf ! . . . . #puzzles #puzzlenerd #jigsawpuzzle #jigsaw

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Video content about board games, conventions and fun gaming related things
We caught up with Oliver from The Ministry of Meeples at Dragonmeet about their upcoming game Theurgy which will be hitting Kickstarter in March 2020.
We had the pleasure of meeting with Jacob from Deep Water Games at took time to show us a few games including Floor Plan a new Roll-N-Write for 1-100 players.

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We might play quite a few games on occassion
Shadow Hunters
Paladins of the West Kingdom
The Game: Extreme

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