Let me start this by saying I LOVE push your luck games, then say I am so very bad at them! Exploriana is set in the late 19th Century. Vast new continents are now open to explorers, containing treasures, new species of plants and wild animals. You are one of those explorers, however, beware, for the more exploring you do, the richer you become but the more hazards you will face! Exploriana is a 2-5 player game that takes between 45 and 60 minutes to play.
Kartoffelkrieg means potato war and that tells you everything you need to know about this game. Yes, it is a game that has mechanised potatoes fighting to the death! What? You need more than that? OK, strap on your full metal jacket, here we go.
We've put together a quick walkthrough and gameplay video for Illusion by Wolfgang Warsch, we had a long talk with NSV (Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag) at Spielwarenmesse 2018 and saw a number of excellent new releases. This is but one of them.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVT1HYq16LM
Villagers playthrough and interview
We caught up with Dave Clarke from Sinister Fish Games to playthrough Villagers followed by a quick interview. Villagers is expected to land on Kickstarter in May so hopefully this will give a you a little taster.
New York Slice Legacy from Bezier Games
The creators of New York Slice have gone back to the kitchen, beaten that dough to a pulp and fashioned a glorious new dish and I think you're going to savour this edition. New York Slice Legacy takes the original game makes it 100 times more accessible to any gaming group, with no two pizzas alike, it's  supporting local businesses and if you don't finish you can reheat it in the morning. Checkout out their trailer and get your Garlic and Herb dip ready.
Airecon 2018 - On the couch with Polyhedron Collider
Those of you who didn't attend AireCon 2018, may not know about Polyhedron Collider's two part podcast featuring a whole host of the UK's gaming media reprobates which we also took part in. We met some great people that we're hoping to collaborate with in the future, here's their podcast in full."...At Airecon 2018, the Polyhedron Collider Cast were joined by representatives of No Pun Included, JTR Podcast, Board Game Opinions, Unlucky Frog Gaming, Creaking Shelves, The Broken Meepl
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What a lovely surprise from @freshwatergameco! Did a preview of their Sectre prototype when it was on Kickstarter and received a finished copy of the game with a nice note! It's always great to see finished components when you saw the prototype! . . . . #tabletopgame #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgames #bgg #analoggamergrrrls #kickstarter #iplayred
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This is taking pass the pigs to a whole new level! . . . . #nyc #tabletopgame #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #analoggamergrrrls #iplayred
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Still playing while on holiday! Visited Hex and Co to get a gaming fix and played Dice Throne and Bohemian Villages . . . . @hexandcompany #boardgaming #boardgames #tabletopgame #tabletopgaming #boardgamecafe #analoggamergrrrls #iplayred

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