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Board game walkthroughs for upcoming releases, kickstarter projects and classic games.
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The Tea Dragon Society Card Game

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game is based on a graphic novel by Katie O’Neill and I will start by saying I had never heard or seen it before. However, dragons are one of my favourite creatures and being English I, of course, like a good cup of Rosie Lee! Making this a game I had to take a look at. The enchanting artwork on the box draws you in and continues in the box with the lovely card art, even the inside of the box is beautiful.In the box you get:


Across a crowded room, I saw you. Your bright colours, yet slightly sinister, artwork drew me in and I knew I had to look. Motora is simply put, beautiful. So, then we sat and played it. We proceeded to have one of the most bloodthirsty games we have had in a long time! Don’t let looks fool you, this game is brutal.

Ominoes Hieroglyphs

If you've met Andrew at any gaming conventions, you will know this his unlimited enthusiasm and excitement is infectious and Yay Games is suitably named! He also has a rather silly sense of humour as does Ominoes Hieroglyphs - An ancient tile laying game proves. However, his designs are wholly serious and are great family games. In Ominoes Hieroglyphs, players take on the role of rival priests trying to gain the favour of the Gods in order to build their temple before everyone else.

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Spiel 2018, Essen - ESSENtial Releases

Last but not least, this year's must have releases. I boiled it down to 9 releases and then kept finding more...

Spiel 18, Essen - Pickups

While there are lots of new games released at Essen, there are many Kickstarters that are finally reaching fulfilment stages that we've almost forgotten about and are starting promotion to new retail customers. Plenty of games are available in limited quantities or reduced prices so it's worth checking if they are available for pre-order to ensure you get them at the best price and before they sell out completely. Here is my current list of definite picks ups for the weekend.

Spiel 18, Essen - Expansions

With so many new releases at Spiel 18, Essen it's easy to get distracted by all the new releases, so here are the expansions we are looking forward to that are being released this year.


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First play through of Architects of the West Kingdom from @renegade_game_studios . Much thinky-er than the others I've played in this set! Liking it! . . . . #tabletopgaming #tabletop #boardgame #boardgames #boardgaming #iplayred
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Raccoon Tycoon from @forbiddengms has just taken the award for most impressive start player token away from Evolution! Great artwork, great simple gameplay with depth of strategy! Looking forward to playing this again soon . . . . #boardgame #boardgaming #boardgames #tabletop #tabletopgaming #analoggaming #iplayred
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The gorgeous Tea Dragon Society from @renegade_game_studios Deceptive little deck builder with a push your luck element! . . . . #cardgaming #cardgames #tabletopgaming #boardgames #boardgamegirl #tabletop #analoggaming #iplayred

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We met up with Luke from Muster at Airecon 4 to talk about how their app could revolutionise the way we meet up for games and make new connections to gamers locally.
Last weekend, we spent around six hours on trains in order to get to Edinburgh. Yes, of course, board games were involved! We were en route to the inaugural Tabletop Scotland in Perth. Here's a quick walkaround the halls to see who was in attendance and what people were playing. https://iplayred.co.uk/posts/tabletop-scotland-2018

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