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Board game walkthroughs for upcoming releases, kickstarter projects and classic games.
Parallax planet components


Blue Orange are quickly becoming one of my favourite publishers. Not only are they producing great games, they have community initiatives and eco-friendly practices. With Planet they have also come up with super innovative game play. This takes civ building to a whole new level! At heart, Planet is a tile laying game, only each player has a twelve-sided magnet board on which they place their tiles, how cool is that?


Who would have thought that the life of a silkworm farmer would be such hard work? With only your trusty Mastiff for company, you must defend your silkworms against rival farmers and the dreaded Ookami who will devour them. You may use your mastiff to try and herd opponents silkworms towards the Ookami to distract her or to herd your silkworms onto more fertile lands after they have grazed the land and rendered it barren.


I can’t be the only one that is glad Uwe Rosenberg has taken a break from the polyominoes games and gone back to what he does best - farming! Though vegetables and tourism in Iceland is a break from traditional farming for sure. Icelands always been on our list of places to visit but now it’s got higher so we can play Reykholt in Reykholt!

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Parallax boardgameadventcalender

Board Game Advent Calender

This year I have failed to buy an Advent Calender and then realised we have one sat in our front room. 25 cubes, ok it will be 24 days until Christmas Day. But we can get a game on the big day too. What is the fun of an advent calender? Well, of course it's spending forever trying to find the right door number whilst trying desperately to contain our desire for chocolate that is ok at best.

Spiel 2018, Essen - What colour do you play?

This was our sixth year at Essen, and I see so many regular faces be they designers, publishers, fellow content creators and friends alike year on year that this was a perfect opportunity for a fun project. I hope you enjoy it.

BGG.CON 2018

29 plays of 25 different games over 6 days can only mean one thing! Yup, it’s BGG Con time. Not only do I get to hang out with some of my favourite people that I only see once a year, but I get to sit and play games for days with no interruption from working in any capacity.


Photos of games I play, conventions I attend and places I go and occasionally cats.
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Yesterday at @handycongaming Architects of the West Kingdom from @renegade_game_studios , Camel Up, Die Spiecherstadt and Railroad Rivals from @forbiddengms which was soooo good at four players! . . . . #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames #tabletopgame #boardgames #boardgaming #analoggaminggrrrl #iplayred
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First game of #handycon5 Coimbra from @eggertspiele I am always happy to introduce this to new people! . . . . #tabletop #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #boardgames #boardgaming #iplayred
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Been playing a lot of Architects of the West Kingdoms of late so decided to go back to basics with the very elegant Raiders of the North Sea from @garphillgames . Still great! . . . . #tabletopgaming #boardgames #boardgame #boardgamegirl #boardgaming #tabletopgames #iplayred

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HandyCon is a weekend boardgame convention in Berkshire, UK. They have been setting visitors a series of challenges, this task was to get the best end-to-end chain of your own board games where the final letter of each game is the first letter of the next game. We managed a monster 127 games. Can you beat that? https://www.handycon.co.uk/handycon-january/ 18th - 20th January 2019 https://iplayred.co.uk
We just got our Kickstarter delivered. It's a monster box and whole lot more. https://www.themeborne.com/escapethedarkcastle/ https://iplayred.co.uk

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We might play quite a few games on occassion
Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
Ponzi Scheme
Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra
The Quacks of Quedlinburg

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