Dreams seem to be a popular theme in gaming at the moment, and it’s easy to understand why. In a psychedelic dream world, anything goes and Somnicum certainly plays up to this expectation. The Sandman has disappeared and who better to take his place but you!
Nightlancer is a character building, worker placement game set in a dystopian, cyberpunk world of Birmingham in 2099. The first thing I noticed when opening this is the sheer quality. This is by far the nicest prototype I have ever seen! Right, there is a ton of stuff in this box!
Last One In
Last One in is a zombie themed game with a difference, it’s competitive! There are also two very different ways to win making this something very different from the standard zombie game.
UK Games Expo 2018 What I Want To See
Just a short list of some of the games I want to look at and  companies I will be looking to talk to over the weekend. I'll have a lot more to say about these after the show.
UK Games Expo 2018 Who To See
I have written about many games from exhibitors of this year's UK Games Expo in the last year, many games will available to buy or play over the weekend. Obviously these are companies I have spoken to in the past and I am hoping to meet many new ones this year too. Adversity Games Nightlancer Big Potato
UK Games Expo 2018 Exhibitors
With 17 days to go until UK Games Expo. Here's the full list of the 352 Exhibitors that will be at the show. Games designers, retailers, well established and indie games companies. Checkout some old games and new and games in varying degrees of completion. Checkout some prototypes of some of those Kickstarters you're backing or damn well should be. There's so much here that you're going to have to get there early to make sure you can see it all. Who's on your list already?
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Finally cracked out the anniversary packs and played with the swish metal coins! . . . . #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #boardgamegeek #boardgaming #boardgames #7wonders #analoggamingdoc #iplayred
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The new High Society from Osprey Games is so pretty, making a good game even better! . . . . #boardgamegeek #boardgaming #boardgames #cardgame #tabletopgames #iplayred

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