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Board game walkthroughs for upcoming releases, kickstarter projects and classic games.
Parallax pandoria board


The people of the five realms have lived in peace for years. Elves, Mages, Dwarves, Halflings and Humans side by side, with, well, maybe a little competition! That is until the Goblin Hordes attacked, unleashing a devastating attack that led the remnants of the realm to flee by ship. And so, they discovered a new land, Pandoria.

Mob Sitters

OK, so everyone knows I’m not a fan of children so would be the most unlikely baby sitter ever! However, what if it were a bit more *cough* ‘lucrative’ shall we say? In Mob Sitters, players take on roles as baby sitters for gangsters and mob bosses.

La Viña

Every fancied making wine but didn’t fancy the feel of grape skin between your toes? Plus, who wants to go to all that effort to make a bottle of wine? La Viña lets you skip through the fields, picking grapes in order to make a barrel of wine!

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Parallax adventure games components

Adventure Game series

We love escape rooms and consequently love the EXIT series, Unlock adventures and we’re almost at the end of Journal 29 (that reminds me, we need to go back to that!) So when we heard about the Adventure Game series, we were excited!

GenCon, Indianapolis 2019

I started visiting conventions in the mid-90s. As a high-level Magic player, most of the larger Magic events were run at gaming conventions. So I went to Cork for WarpCon (it’s still going and I plan to re-visit at some point!) and Loughborough for Gen Con UK.As I got into board gaming, I loved the feel and vibe of conventions - a chance to try out new games, meet new people and hopefully pick up some bargains while I’m there! I’ve been to UK Games Expo eight times (of their thirteen sh

Why I hate co-op games but love Pandemic Legacy

I hate co-op games. Oh, let’s all ‘work together’, 'there is no I in team', 'it doesn't matter so long as we all win'. NO. I want to bathe in the blood of my enemies, I want to win! I don't want to share victory, I want to compete and be challenged and prove that my strategy was better than everyone elses. Oh, and I especially hate Pandemic! Yet, I played nine games of Pandemic Legacy yesterday. If that comes as a surprise to you, imagine my shock that I ever thought I’d say that. So, this got


Photos of games I play, conventions I attend and places I go and occasionally cats.
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I always forget just how much I love Chinatown! . . . . #boardgames #tabletop #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #iplayred
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Me: not buying any new games until Essen Also me: oooh shinies! . . . . #boardgames #tabletop #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #eurogames #iplayred
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Super exciting delivery! Love both these designers so can't wait to get these to the table! Thank you @kosmosgamesuk . . . . #boardgames #tabletop #tabletopgaming #boardgaming #boardgamegirl #tabletopgames #iplayred

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We did a games night in association with Giff Gaff and Big Potato games! #giffgaffgamers
We caught up with Paul Stapleton at Tabletop Gaming Live 2019. Here's what he had to say about his new game Paupers' Ladder. Walkthrough https://iplayred.co.uk/games/paupers-ladder/walkthrough On sale at https://www.bedsitgames.co.uk/about-paupers-ladder

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Underwater Cities
Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears
That's Pretty Clever

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