Remember when we used to go to shows and conventions? Since most of my work is shows / conventions this year has hit hard and with Spiel this week this is a time to try and bring forth something positive. A few years ago I put together a video of designers and gaming industry regulars that I met around the convention and asked them to record a simple message "Introduce yourself and tell us what colour you play".

This time it would be great to put together a video of all of those people who would otherwise be playing games at Spiel, people enjoying Spiel.Digital looking forward to finding out about what's new, playing the Alexander Pfister over Halloween with friends or playing a new solo game whilst pretending their cat isn't aiding with their decision making. We'd like to see all you game lovers, whether you like casual games or brain crushing strategy and find out a bit about you.

So all I asks is you send me a short video between now and the 21st November to I'll start you off.

Hi, I'm Kat and I Play Red

If you like the idea please feel free to share and remember the more people the get involved the more hours of editing we'll have to do so keep us busy :)
Hi, I'm Kat and I Play Red Play