Last year, Brain Games bought us the award-winning penguin flicking game Ice Cool. This year they give us Doodle Rush. While not at all similar, it’s more fun for all the family (or adults that like to have a lot of fun!)

In the box you get:

  • 36 Drawing Boards (6 boards in 6 different colours)
  • 6 Drawing Markers
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 175 Double Sided Cards
  • Sand Timer
Doodle Rush Components

Each player chooses a colour and takes the six boards of that colour and a drawing marker. Choose the difficulty level you wish to play at - one side of the cards are ‘easy’ words, the other side are ‘difficult’ words. Shuffle the deck and deal out two cards per person with the chosen side face down. Put the sand timer in the middle of the table so everyone can see it and you’re ready to play!

The game consists of three drawing rounds and three guessing rounds, each lasting for one minute. It will start with a drawing round, which is followed by a guessing round, then a drawing round again, and so on.

When everyone is ready, turn over the sand timer and begin the first round. Players look at their cards to see the words they have to draw. (Remember to keep these hidden from the other players) Everyone now has one minute to draw as many of the words from their cards as they choose. You may not use any letters or numbers on your drawing, however, arrows are allowed.

Everyone plays at the same time, using each board to draw one of their words. You may draw as many or as few as you want in the time allotted. As soon as the time has run out the guessing round will begin! Flip the timer straight over and begin. You now have a minute to guess other players drawings correctly. Again, everyone plays simultaneously. You may guess as many other drawings as you want and also help people guess yours. However, you can’t give too much help! You can say ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘close’, however you cannot give larger hints. As soon as you guess a drawing correctly, take the tile and place it to one side, it’ll give you points at the end of the game. In order for a guess to be correct, it must be the exact word or words on the card. A composite word would not be a correct answer, however, if a player says several separate words and one of them is the word on the card, the guess is correct.

Doodle Rush Idrawred

As soon as the first guessing round is finished, someone flips the timer and you will go straight into the second drawing round, there are no gaps between rounds.

The games ends after the third guessing round. Players get one point for each drawing board from another player that they have, however, they lose one point for each of their own boards they have left (because they didn’t draw them or other players failed to guess the words)

Doodle Rush Idrawgreen

The winner is the player with the most points!

Doodle Rush is a quick, fun-filled game. I initially thought it wouldn’t be too great with a group of adult players but we actually had a lot of fun and the group demanded a rematch after our first game! I can see this coming out not only as an intro game or family game but also as a ‘warm-up’ game on regular gaming nights and very much as a drinking game and be as much fun on all those occasions!

This review copy was kindly provided by Brain Games