Ever wanted to run your own theme park? It’d be fun, right? Your guests would have a blast, but it’s going to take a lot of work from you. Don’t forget the weather will mess things up, oh, and the inspector is due to give her verdict soon, a walk in the (Trool) park!

In the box you get:

  • 1 Main Board
  • 3 Side Boards
  • 42 Attraction Cards
  • 3 Closed Attraction Markers
  • 27 Booth Cards
  • 9 Inspection Cards
  • 1 Fun Slide
  • 97 Visitor Tokens
  • 4 Player Aids
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 12 Scoring Meeples (3 in each player colour)
  • 4 Turn Cylinders (1 in each player colour)
  • 4 Selection Wheels (1 in each player colour)
  • 5 Box Separators
Trool Park Components

If you are taking this game out of the shrink, you have a few things you need to build before you can play. I’m rubbish at this stuff and got everything together without too much pain! The fun slide will need assembling, the selection wheels will need clipping together and the box separators will need making into an insert.

Place the main board in the centre of the table and the three side boards round it. Depending on the number of players, some of the space on this will not be used. With two players, use the attraction closed markers on spaces A,B,C and D, in a three player game just close off space F. Shuffle up the attraction cards and place one on each of the spaces still open. Place the draw pile in the designated space. Shuffle up the booth tiles and place them on the designated space. Take the nine inspection cards. Place the three cards marked round 8 and put them at the bottom of the deck, then shuffle the three marked round 5/6/7 and place them on top, then shuffle the three marked round 2/3/4 and place them on top of the deck. Place the deck on it’s spot on the board. Place the fun slide on it’s space. Shuffle up the weather tokens and place them in a face down pile on their space. Put the visitor tokens by the side of the board.

Trool Park Setup

Give each player a player board, player aid and the meeples, cylinder and action selection wheel of their chosen colour. They place one meeple on the starting space of each three tracks on the main board. In order of age, from youngest to oldest, each player puts their cylinder on the fun slide. Each player receives a booth at random and places it on any chosen space of their player board.

You are now ready to play!

At the end of round two, and in each subsequent round, an inspection will be held. Your parks will be judged on three things - Laughs (orange balloons), thrills (green skulls) and snacks (pink cupcakes) Each inspection will focus on a specific category and will help you gain visitors and win the game!

Each round is played over four phases

Attractions - Each player simultaneously uses their selection wheel to secretly choose the attraction they want from the main board this round. All players reveal at the same time. Starting from the bottom of the fun slide and working up in turn order, each player takes the attraction they want from the board and places it onto their player board, applying the effect shown at the bottom. Any player who was not able to take the attraction they chose now gets a ‘catch-up’ phase. Again, working from the bottom of the fun slide up, each of these players can take an attraction that is left on the main board. However, to make up for not getting the attraction they wanted they get to choose one of the bonuses printed on the board on either side of the space they took the attraction from. They then place the attraction onto their player board and gain the effect shown.

Trool Park Attractions

Weather Events - Turn over the top weather tile and apply its effect. Each attraction and booth has a weather symbol on it. Find all on your player board that correspond to the weather tile shown. Move your meeple forward one space in each category on the main board for each booth or attraction in the matching area of your player board.

Trool Park Weather

Inspection - From the end of round two onwards there will be a park inspection. Each examines players rankings in one of the three categories (Laughs, Thrills or Snacks) The player in the lead for the required category receives the top reward shown on the card, the second highest the second reward and so on. If there is a tie for any reward, the player lowest on the fun slide receives the higher reward. At the end of the eighth (and final) round there are three inspections, one for each category. These must happen in a specific order - Thrills, Laughs then finally Snacks.

Trool Park Inspection

Prepare for the Next Round - Draw new attractions and fill the empty spaces on the main board. Reveal the inspection card that will take place at the end of the round.

Once the three inspections have taken place at the end of round eight, players count up their visitor tokens and the player with the most wins. In the case of a tie, the player lowest on the Fun Slide wins!

Trool Park is big, bold and beautiful! The hyper colour palette may not be for all but fits brilliantly with the theme. Some of the colouring could have done with a bit more consistency though. For example, the ‘thrills’ track is green, yet the symbol for it is a black skull (OK, it has green eyes, but that’s a detail you don’t necessarily notice straight up) After a play or two, you just know what things are and the colouring isn’t a problem. I’m a big fan of simultaneous actions and here, Troll Park doesn’t disappoint! The bonus for not getting the card of your choice is a nice touch and makes it worthwhile sometimes. This is a fairly light weight game that just oozes fun from the artwotk, the round cards and the fun slide to determine turn order.