After a day of gaming in which we were bemoaning that we hadn't had a chance to play several games we love, Katie and I jokingly suggested we do a 24 hour gaming sessions to try and get some of that stuff played. Well, five minutes later we had shaken on it and it became a reality! So, tomorrow morning at 10am we will start gaming and not stop until 10am Wednesday morning.

24 in 24

We have invited many friends to come and either pop in and out for a few games or come for the full 24 hour run (we shall see who's up for what when they arrive!)

Discussions over what games we will play are tough as it will partly depend on how many people are around at any given time, but we have decided two things:

  1. We will go for one heavy/long game followed by a couple of lighter, filler games and
  2. We will play at least 24 different games over the time period.

I have five games left to play to complete my ten by ten this year so hoping we can knock a couple of them off the list, and next year I have made a vow to play everything I currently have unplayed so it would be good to cheat and do some of them in advance! Other than that, we are both pretty much omnigamers so thinking we'll manage to get a bit of everything in there.

You can follow our progress on Instagram, mine is @IPlayRed, I also log my plays on which upload on my twitter: IPlayRedGaming, or look out for #BrightonGaming24in24