Well, UK Games Expo is just 50 days away. What can you do in that amount of time?

Here’s my list!

  1. Be married a year longer (Our Wedding Anniversary is just days away)
  2. Have an Easter Weekend (Two days working, one day gaming)
  3. Get a year older and have the associated gig, meal, night out and day trip to Thorpe Park that goes with it!
  4. Celebrate International TableTop Day
  5. Celebrate some good friends birthdays (Happy Birthday Saff, Rhi, Emma and Ryan!)
  6. Multiple gaming sessions
  7. Celebrate my husband's birthday (including an all day Brighton Manhunt round town)
  8. Head off to Denver for five days of heavy gaming goodness at Heavy Con
  9. Return to the UK and sleep for two days
  10. Set off for Birmingham NEC for four days of fun!

In fifty days a fox could get pregnant and give birth, mice, pigeons and hamsters could do it twice! You could also grow a turnip, or a beet (no, this isn’t the latest Uwe Rosenberg game!)