Obviously, loads happened at the UK Games Expo over the weekend, but for me, one of the highlights is the award ceremony.

At the start of the weekend, everyone is given a sheet with the list of nominees and is encouraged to vote for their favourite. In the weeks leading up to Expo games are rated by judges in a range of categories. Half the marks come from those judges, the other half from the voting public.

So, without any further ado, here are the nominees and winners in all thirteen categories.

Best Family Game Nominees:

A game which is ideal for children and adults to play together and all enjoy equally. Something for parents and kids to have fun together with.
  • Adventure Tours
  • Flea Market
  • Hook
  • Hot Tin Roof
  • Jam Sumo
  • Mad City
  • Om Nom Nom
  • Orcs Orcs Orcs
  • Wash Dash
  • Why First

And the Winner is:

Waggle Dance

Best Childrens Game Nominees:

A game which is specifically designed for children to play with or without adult supervision.
  • Loony Quest
  • Dragon Valley
  • MMM!

And the Winner is:


Best Strategic Card or Dice Game Nominees:

The defining components are cards or dice in a game involving significant choices.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Orctions
  • Pandemic: Contagion
  • The Dice Game (Every Round Counts)
  • Sons of Anarchy (Men of Mayhem)
  • Lugu
  • D & D Dicemasters:Battle for Faerun
  • Progress: Evolution of Technology
  • Warhammer 40000 Conquest the Card Game

And the Winner is:


Best General Game:

Game with a target age of 12+ which uses a variety of components rather than just cards/dice. Might not have a board.
  • Bedpans and Broomsticks
  • Brains
  • CV
  • Extra Extra
  • Frankensteins Bodies
  • Hospital Rush
  • Villainy
  • Samurai Spirit

And the Winner is:

Cycling Party

Best Board Game:

Game with a target age of 12+ which uses a board as it's main element with a strong theme and significant strategic choices.
  • Camelot the Court
  • Grog Island
  • Hoyuk
  • Pints of Blood
  • Omega Centauri
  • Lost Cities, the Board Game
  • Verailles
  • The Magnates, a Game of Power
  • Lembitu
  • Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King

And the Winner is:

Black Fleet

Best Expansion:

This covers expansions to existing games or new versions of any games, army packs etc
  • 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy
  • 12 Realms: Ghost Town
  • Rconquest:Phase 1
  • King of Sopio
  • Lords of Vegas Up
  • Resistance Starter Army
  • Lords of War: Elves vs Lizardmen Magic and Monsters
  • Lords of War: Orcs vs Dwarves Magic and Monsters
  • Sons of Anarchy: Grim Bastards Club Expansion
  • Keyflower The Merchants
  • Steam Map Expansion #4

And the Winner is:

Firefly, Bluesun Rim Expansion

Best Role Play Game:

A game in which the main idea is for the players to act out roles of characters in a fictional setting/story.
  • The Code of Steam and Steel
  • The Long Con
  • River of Heaven
  • Sleeper: Orphans of the Cold War
  • Hellfrost: Rassilon Expansion 2

And the Winner is:

Mutant Year Zero

Best Miniatures:

A wargame system and/or miniatures range where the core part of the game is using miniature figures to fight out battles or RPG encounters.
  • Guild Ball
  • Post-Human Republic Starter Army
  • Resistance Cyclone Helicopters
  • Scourge Oppressor
  • UCM Phoenix Command
  • Shaltari Tribes Starter Army

And the Winner is:

Star Wars Armada

Best Abstract Game:

A game that minimizes luck, does not rely on a theme and typically focuses on strategy.
  • Dimension
  • Nexus
  • Ubongo
  • Murder in the Forum
  • Aquasphere

And the Winner is:


Best General Card Game:

The defining components are cards or dice in a lighter, simpler game.
  • Frenzi
  • Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race
  • Safe Breaker
  • Oddball Aeronauts
  • Lost Cities: The Original Card Game
  • Steam Donkey
  • Stand and Deliver
  • Speed Snacks
  • The Front Nine
  • The Institute for Magical Arts

And the Winner is:

Sushi Go!

Best Accessory:

Anything gaming related not covered in the other areas eg. game storage solutions, dice bags, play mats, apps etc
  • Clash of Nebulas Gaming Mat
  • Squarehex Pads

And the Winner is:


Best Party Game:

A game which is usually light and easy to play, with simple rules and designed for larger groups or a party.
  • Every Round Counts
  • Lift It
  • The Hen Commandments
  • Dohdles

And the Winner is:

Ca$h n Guns

Best Board Game with Miniatures:

A game where the core part of the game is using miniature figures to resolve action and conflict.
  • 12 Realms
  • XCom: The Board Game

And the Winner is:

Star Wars Imperial Assault