This year I have failed to buy an Advent Calender and then realised we have one sat in our front room. 25 cubes, ok it will be 24 days until Christmas Day. But we can get a game on the big day too. What is the fun of an advent calender? Well, of course it's spending forever trying to find the right door number whilst trying desperately to contain our desire for chocolate that is ok at best. So we have, in keeping with tradition, randomly numbered each cube and will selecting a game each day from the respective cube door and playing it. It could be new, old it could be quick, or a mammoth game. 

We will be posting our game each day on Instragram and we'd love to hear what you're going to play on the build up to the day where we all hope we get at least one more game in our stocking. Sounds uncomfortable.

Board Game Advent Calender Boardgameadventcalender

It appears the Build Your Own Board Game Advent Calender Kit is still on sale so there is still time for you to get one in time for this year's main event.

  1. Santa Maria
  2. Dinosaur Island
  3. Caverna
  4. Agricola
  5. Guilds of London
  6. Fields of Green
  7. Madeira
  8. Evolution
  9. First Class
  10. Crown of Emara
  11. Majesty
  12. Kingdoms
  13. Chimera Station
  14. ......