WOW! What a hectic 24 hours!

When I started I Play Red I always wanted it to be more than another review site so there has always been a lot of things I wanted to do. The new Board Game Cafe Map was one of those things. My poor, ever suffering husband, Rob, is a programmer by day (so all credit for anything on this site goes to him!) Consequently, he would never be happy with a google map for this.

Finally, after his hard work our map went up on Tuesday night (around midnight our time!) with around 30 submissions. This was to see what people thought of the idea, if they liked the layout etc etc.

Well, Wednesday was hectic! I shared the post in two Facebook Groups (The Boardgame Group and Board Games Cafes) and asked for feedback and submissions. Everytime I finished inputting the lists people were giving me, more were added (in both groups) My email was coming in non-stop - we had created a monster! Over the course of yesterday I proceeded to input another 60-something cafes.

The one piece of feedback we got was people would like to make their own submissions (something I was beginning to agree with!) So, my Technical Team (aka Rob) sat up late last night and made that happen.

Now, at the end of Thursday night we have over a hundred pins on our map, with cafes in South Africa, Australia, Brazil and Japan, to name a few of the far flung locations.

Board Game Cafe Map

This will continue to be a work in progress while we continue to update and perfect it and hopefully it will be a great resource for people to use and enjoy. So, please continue to add submissions and send us feedback on how it can be improved.

All I need now is to win the lottery so I can go on a world tour and visit some of the awesome places I have seen!