So, tomorrow we head off for a weekend of gaming at the beautiful Dell House, hosted by Kevin and Elizabeth , gamers who run a B&B in the heart of the Malvern Hills. They now run small gaming conventions every so often.

Dellcon Dellhouse

While most women going away for a weekend would be worrying about what clothes to take, I'm busy worrying about what games to take. With close to 500 games currently in our library it's a tough one. There are a few games people want to play (Kevin has requested Quadropolis and Orhan has requested Concordia) but what else to take? Currently i have Mombasa, For Sale, Russian Railroads, Manhattan Project and Schroedinger's Cat in the box and am also eyeing up Chinatown and Rokoko. Should i also take some bigger multiplayer games to encourage interaction with everyone? Do I take some games we haven't yet cracked open in the hope someone there knows how to play them? This box is now over flowing!

Will the games we take but don't play be upset, will the games we leave behind get jealous they weren't chosen? Will there be room in the car for us, let alone any clothes for the weekend? Will we end up playing naked Munchkin?

Keep an eye on Instagram for photos of what we play over the weekend and I'm sure they'll be a full report here next week!