So, in twelve hours we will be pulling into a car park near(ish) to Gatwick airport getting ready to check in our empty suitcases and board a plane to Dusseldorf!

For some reason I have a distinct feeling of DREAD, (not just dread!) I am putting it down to the fact I am over organised and therefore have nothing left to do! Catsitters are booked, confirmed and the cats have enough food to survive a nuclear apocalypse. We have passports, boarding passes, money and print out for the few games *cough* that I have pre ordered.

I mostly packed yesterday, though with an array of t-shirts for Mayfair Games, Lords of War and The Boardgame Group I can't possibly need anything else, surely?

I have with me my rather lengthy list of games I either need to collect, buy or check out and print out of the halls, during the flight I shall attempt to collate the two into some sort of mega map of all necessary information ever! 

Essen Countdown: Day Four Essenlist

Games to play at the airport/on the plane and tonight are sparse but include Port Royal, Seven Dragons as these can be unboxed and put into one single card box!

As I will be working the first part of Thursday, there are a few things hubby has explicit orders to run for (yes, Rob, you are expected to run, after all you will have to live with the misery that will be me without German Railroads!)

Now for the restless night that lies before me, wondering what it is I have forgot!

TBG meetup is arranged for Thursday evening so hope to see some of you there.

Keep an eye on here and my Instagram for all the updates while we are there and come play a game or two with me at the Mayfair stand one morning.