We love the base Raccoon Tycoon, Forbidden Games are the company to watch at the moment. Launching on Kickstarter on the 14th May 2019, The Fat Cat Expansion will be taking it up to six players. To cater for the extra player

... we are introduced to the Jack Rabbit railroad (some of you may already have seen these as a promo card) and Badger Baron which acts as a wildcard and can therefore be used as any railroad.

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Cards

...four new town cards, I think they speak for themselves.

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Cards

.... a player board each. Can't stand a messy tableau well Forbidden have got you covered and with a slotted player board to keep everything in its place.

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Board

The resources are already impeccably presented, and to add to our wooden goodies we now have four different types of meeples. How did we cope with playing a game without meeples?

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Meeples

Animals and Tycoons will be available to all, at a cost of course but the more you get the more points you will receive in final scoring. And the Locomotive and Housing meeples will only be available to players with the corresponding new building tiles. What new building tiles you say? Well the expansion adds another 16 building tiles.

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Tiles

These tiles will add new strategies and extra depth to the game giving you more ways to gain points. The game itself will retain its core mechanics and easy playability, so while there will be more components the intention is make the game just a little richer.

Raccoon Tycoon has probably got one of our favourite start player markers, ever (who wouldn't love a giant wooden Raccoon). But look it's a fricken' cat!!!!

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Marker

If that really isn't enough stuff for you. Glenn Drover's daughter Emma created a the original Railroad and Town cards artwork while working on the prototype with her farther which here shows the original Fat Cat designs. This alternative artwork will be available with the expansion which is a really nice look at the design process and how this can include family. We hope to see her art in her own game next. You can see some more of Emma's artwork over on our Facebook Page.

Raccoon Tycoon - Fat Cat Expansion Artwork

I will certainly be backing this myself, Raccoon Tycoon is one of our most played games since Essen 2018, and the cat meeple sells it to me alone. The Fat Cat Expansion launches 14th May 2019 and we will add the link just as soon as it is live.