When I started this blog I was determined to review games, as time has gone on, I have realised this is a bad thing. Hang on, let me explain. Games are so subjective, in the same way that Rob is really looking forward to the new Star Wars movie, I'm not bothered. Talking to someone in our hotel in Essen on the first night, they were saying what a great game Mysterium was, now i know this game wont be popular in our group. That doesn't make it a bad game, just one that won't get a lot of play for us. Some people like co ops, some like deck builders, some heavy euroes and for each of those players there is someone who doesn't like those games.

I feel to give a game a fair review you need to have played it through multiple times and if you play a game and don't like it, it's likely to go back on the shelf to gather dust, be involved in a math trade or end up at a bring and buy sale. Therefore I think a lot of reviewers only ever give glowing reviews. This is understandable but leads to a bias towards good reviews, meaning not only are bad reviews scarse but tend to be criticised.

I have therefore made a conscious decision to rename my reviews section to 'walkthroughs'. I can't tell you if you will like a game, I can, however tell you what the components are, how it plays, what style of game it is and show you some (hopefully) neat and useful photos. Then you can decide if you or your game group will like it.