Those of you who read my blog may have noticed I love a good challenge! (10 by 10 in 2015 and unplayed games in 2016!) So, I have been looking for something new for 2017. In my travels, I stumbled across ‘The Advent Challenge’, which goes like this:

  • Day 1 - Play the newest edition to your gaming collection.
  • Day 2 - Play your current favourite game.
  • Day 3 - Play a dexterity game.
  • Day 4 - Play a game that is in your top 10 games.
  • Day 5 - Have your favourite beverage while playing games.
  • Day 6 - Play a game with dice.
  • Day 7 - Post a comment on another participant's Advent list
  • Day 8 - Post a picture of you and the game you will play tonight
  • Day 9 - Play a game that requires using pencil and paper
  • Day 10 - Play a game that is card driven
  • Day 11 - Play your favourite filler
  • Day 12 - Wish someone a Merry Christmas today
  • Day 13 - Play a game you received last year for Christmas
  • Day 14 - Open a door for someone today
  • Day 15 - Give someone a hug today
  • Day 16 - Rogue One opens at the theatres - Santa doesn't mind if you go see the movie instead of gaming!
  • Day 17 - Start player is the first person that put up their Christmas lights
  • Day 18 - Have Holiday treats for your gaming guests while you game
  • Day 19 - Wear something Christmassy while gaming
  • Day 20 - Roll a D6...result 1 = play a Euro 2 = Play a thematic game 3 = Play a dice game 4 = Play a card game 5 = Play a kid's game 6 = Play a dexterity game
  • Day 21 - Play a Euro
  • Day 22 - Roll a D20 for start player - any crit and that player may choose the start player for the rest of the gaming session
  • Day 23 - play a game that you have not yet played in December
  • Day 24 - Wish your family a Merry Christmas and congrats on making it this far!

Last year, I bought the fantastic ‘Brettspiel-Adventskalender’ as I owned 16 of the games I would get expansions for. This year I was quite upset as I only owned 4 of the games and with a sad face I decided not to buy it. So, this seems like a great way to countdown to Christmas in a gamey-way!

Advent Challenge! Adventchallenge

Day 1 - Play the newest edition to your gaming collection will be interesting as our ‘newest game’ was a suitcase full from BGG Con and three Secret Santa parcels that arrived while I was away! Guess that means decisions need to be made. Battle Monkeys was in fact the last game I bought at BGG.CON on the last day so this is what we decided to go with. It also took one off our unplayed list as per this year's challenge

Day 2 - Play your current favourite game. is a toughie as my favourite game changes from day to day, but let’s see what I fancy on that day! Bearing in mind there was only two of us, we needed something that worked well at two players. So decided to go with Concordia. Not only is this one of my favourite games at the moment but the Britannia / Germania map is perfect for a two player game.

Day 3 - Play a dexterity game. Having seven cats living in the house with is not conducive with playing dexterity games. However we do have a couple on the shelves. We'd spent the day in London at Dragonmeet and wanted to try and play Rhino Hero on the train on the way home to make it just that little more challenging. Sadly the train was packed so we had to wait until later

Day 4 - Play a game that is in your top 10 games. Another tough choice as my top ten changes from day to day, partly depending with what mood I am in and who I am playing with. However whenever we play Castles of Burgundy I complain that we don't play it enough so this seemed like the perfect opportunity and also an opportunity to show off our beautiful new insert from Daedalus Productions Inc. Now we've all gone to bed trying to work what what our favourite drink is before tomorrow.

You can keep up with the Advent Challenge on Instragram