There’s always a whole bunch of great stuff on Kickstarter at any given time, but here are some projects currently on there that we love!


Kickstarter Round-up May 2019 Cover

We had a look at Promenade earlier in the year. It’s so much more than a deckbuilder with great artwork, yes really, every card is a real piece of art painted by the designer. You can purchase some of the original artwork as one of your pledge items. As you build your desk, there are elements of price manipulation as the value of the cards increase, however, to gain points you need to display paintings in the six available galleries which decreases the overall value of your deck. A clever financial market mechanic blended with a classic deckbuilder. Just 38 USD gets you a copy of this beautiful and innovative game.

Bag of Dungeon

Kickstarter Round-up May 2019 Dungeon

Obviously, we love colour scheme of Bag of Dungeon, you can’t go wrong with Red, Black and White very classic! Bag of Dungeon is a mini RPG/Dungeon Crawler with no DM needed that all fits into a few drawstring bags so great for taking anywhere with you. Explore, Fight monsters, get the loot, and get the hell out. with the possibility of working cooperatively or stabbing your fellow adventurers in the back. No two adventures are the same due to a modular system. Modelling itself on 80s classics but updated for the more contemporary gamer, If you like Escape The Dark Castle this is probably worth a look for you.

Like any good adventurer you rock up to a dungeon with your best armour, trusty wooden sword and bag of holding, except this time your bag is the dungeon.

The Old Hellfire Club

Kickstarter Round-up May 2019 Club

Set in an era when men wore monocles, ladies had beards and everyone quaffed pints of gin, The Old Hellfire Club is a storytelling card game where you constantly try to impress with your tales of glory while your fellow players try and embarrass you by proving it all a lie! The main deck is a set of boast cards, which has suits such as Places, Weapons, People… At the beginning of the game players decide what adventure they will collectively relate. By playing boast cards from their hand each person takes it in turn to recall their heroic contribution (the high value card the better) and at any point an opponent can challenge the authenticity of your tale (with a lower card). Changing your date with Queen Victoria to with a Street Urchin. You can play as many cards as you like in your turn which adds a push your luck element to the game, however you can be challenged at any time and lose all the points you would have gained this round. Although OHC is in essense a simple card game but the true gaming element to this is in the story-telling.

We’ve been following OHC for close to a year now and watched it improve like a fine gin. Beautiful artwork and extravagant tales all for a bargain £15

Monster Slaughter: Underground

Kickstarter Round-up May 2019 Underground

Being a massive horror fan, I loved the original Monster Slaughter which I had the pleasure of playing at Essen 2017. Monster Slaughter: Underground is a real monster of an Expansion that is compatible with both the retail and Kickstarter editions of the base game. More actions, objects, a new Basement room board, more minis, doors and barricades have been added to the game and host of optional extras. If you missed out on the original Kickstarter there’s an opportunity to pick the deluxe edition here too with all the amazing stretch goals they reached in the original campaign.