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I Play Red writes about board games, conventions, fun gaming related things.

Look what what arrived this morning thanks the not-at-all chirpy DPD delivery driver (other couriers are available). My first unboxing video, and I'm quite excited about this one. Continue reading →

Set phasers to stunning! I appreciate that all art is subjective. And really, does art matter if you have a great game? (Food Chain Magnate, I’m looking at you!) I’m sure most o... Continue reading →

Just a short list of some of the games I want to look at and  companies I will be looking to talk to over the weekend. I'll have a lot more to say about these after the show. Continue reading →

I have written about many games from exhibitors of this year's UK Games Expo in the last year, many games will available to buy or play over the weekend. Obviously these are c... Continue reading →

With 17 days to go until UK Games Expo. Here's the full list of the 352 Exhibitors that will be at the show. Games designers, retailers, well established and indie games compani... Continue reading →

We caught up with Frank from City of Games at AireCon 5, Harrogate UK. We're looking at gameplay for Vadoran Gardens and talking in general about the City of Games universe. htt... Continue reading →

We caught up with Dave Clarke from Sinister Fish Games to playthrough Villagers followed by a quick interview. Villagers is expected to land on Kickstarter in May so hopefully t... Continue reading →

The creators of New York Slice have gone back to the kitchen, beaten that dough to a pulp and fashioned a glorious new dish and I think you're going to savour this edition. New ... Continue reading →

Those of you who didn't attend AireCon 2018, may not know about Polyhedron Collider's two part podcast featuring a whole host of the UK's gaming media reprobates which we also t... Continue reading →

I Play Red has put together our first podcast. We hope you enjoy "...A shoddy and ill-prepared first podcast of ramblings after 3 days away at AireCon 5 - Analog Gaming Conventi... Continue reading →

This month it’s all about conventions, the season is rapidly approaching, with AireCon next weekend and BGG Con tickets going on sale today it’s at the front of my mind! What ar... Continue reading →

Following up on our recent visit to Spielwarenmesse, Nuremberg, we put together a video of some of the shows highlights. There was so much there that this is still just a fracti... Continue reading →

Last week we visited Spielwarenmesse 2018 (Jan 30th - February 3rd), a vast 5 day Toy and Games Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany. With many halls to visit our priority was visit... Continue reading →

Like many gamers, I log my plays on Board Game Geek. I only started logging in December 2014 but I thought it would be fun to take a look at my five most played games over the l... Continue reading →

New year, new you and all that malarkey! So, with the new year comes resolutions (that get broken in the first week!), regular gym trips (that may last a month or two!) It’s thi... Continue reading →

So what's coming up early this year...? Continue reading →

So, we all think over the holiday we’ll get a load of gaming done, but I bet a lot of us end up playing Monopoly with the family instead! Continue reading →

We are all prone to the ‘Cult of New’ to some degree - the great new game just come out that everyone is talking about, how quickly can we get it or play it? However, we all hav... Continue reading →

So, as the year comes to a close it’s time to look at some gaming stats! Continue reading →

Up until last week, I'd never heard of a Giving / Gift Tree. But after having a discussion with an American friend I knew exactly what this was when I saw it in Churchill Square... Continue reading →

So, I’m assuming you’re all sick of ‘gifts for gamers’ lists of ‘family games to play over Christmas’. Some people love the chance to have enough time to play some proper ‘meaty... Continue reading →

With more and and more games being released with new designers every year let's have a look at some of our solid favourites. Continue reading →

Kolossal Games are a new small games company that won’t be staying small for long! Expect to be hearing a lot about them in 2018. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Travis an... Continue reading →

We recently received our Duchess from BoardGamesTables.com's Kickstarter, while it was initially scheduled for delivery in February after many months of logistics and plannin... Continue reading →

...Board Game Blogger, Reviewer, Playtester, Demonstrator, Con Junkie...

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