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Last Thursday we were up at the crack of dawn (well, 3am, so middle of the night!) to board a flight to Copenhagen at 6am. We got on a coach from there to Odense to see my favou... Continue reading →

Last Friday we went up to London to do some things and decided to visit the exhibition currently on at the V&A Museum of Childhood entitled Game Plan: Board Games Revisited.... Continue reading →

OK, I spend too much money on games and gaming (Don’t tell Rob I admitted this in public!) But how much is too much? I mean, if we don’t pay the mortgage we can always live in a... Continue reading →

OK, I’ll start by saying everyone has a different idea of what a ‘filler game’ is. To me, it’s something you play between games, or while you’re waiting for that last person in ... Continue reading →

I love a good challenge, so I really love the gaming challenges!Last year, I set out to reduce my ‘shelf of shame’ (aka the unplayed games list!) At the start of the year there ... Continue reading →

We all know that playing games involves a lot of decision making. Do you ever stop to think of the decisions that you make before you start play? If you are hosting a games even... Continue reading →

Those of you who read my blog may have noticed I love a good challenge! (10 by 10 in 2015 and unplayed games in 2016!) So, I have been looking for something new for 2017. In my ... Continue reading →

So, another year and another Spiel at Essen is over. This year extra halls had been added and there were over 1000 exhibitors displaying some of the best games in the business. ... Continue reading →

I've been quiet of late - I know! So much going on in life that even finding time and energy to play games has been tough.Part of this has been down to the home renovations we h... Continue reading →

UK Games Expo is in it's tenth year this year, and aside from that it is a special year for both Expo and myself! Originally held at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham, we ... Continue reading →

About a month ago we loaded the boot of our car up with games and headed towards the Malvern Hills, to the Dell House, the UK's first (and only) B and B and B (bed, breakfast an... Continue reading →

So, tomorrow we head off for a weekend of gaming at the beautiful Dell House, hosted by Kevin and Elizabeth , gamers who run a B&B in the heart of the Malvern Hills. They no... Continue reading →

WOW! What a hectic 24 hours!When I started The Mad Katter I always wanted it to be more than another review site so there has always been a lot of things I wanted to do. The new... Continue reading →

On 16th January last year I set out to complete the 'ten by ten' challenge. As of 1st January this year I have played 96 of those games, I will make sure I get those last four g... Continue reading →

After a day of gaming in which we were bemoaning that we hadn't had a chance to play several games we love, Katie and I jokingly suggested we do a 24 hour gaming sessions to try... Continue reading →

CodenamesI have to admit I read about this prior to release and felt a little underwhelmed and unsure if this game would get any play with our group. I picked a copy of it up in... Continue reading →

Back in March of this year someone told me about a post on the Women and Gaming forum on BGG.com entitled W&G Crazy Love Scholars. It was a scholarship program for women who w... Continue reading →

Wow, where to start! Back from our third trip to Essen, the biggest yet with over 162,000 visitors over the course of four days. Over 1000 new releases from forty one differen... Continue reading →

When I started this blog I was determined to review games, as time has gone on, I have realised this is a bad thing. Hang on, let me explain. Games are so subjective, in the sam... Continue reading →

So, in twelve hours we will be pulling into a car park near(ish) to Gatwick airport getting ready to check in our empty suitcases and board a plane to Dusseldorf!For some reason... Continue reading →

Unlike a lot of cons, Essen is more of a trade show and your actual game playing time in the venue will be very limited, unless you are prepared to spend hours hovering over gam... Continue reading →

As I mentioned yesterday, this year it's all about the expansions, so that's what a lot of these are. There are expansions for some of my real favourites so I'm busti... Continue reading →

For those of you who don't know - do you live under a rock? Essen Spiel 2015 is rapidly approaching.Spiel in Essen is the Worlds biggest board game event with over 150,000 peopl... Continue reading →

So, what is that one essential item all gamers need? A d20, gaming table, gaming group? The one thing we all need is a decent storage solution!We moved house four years ago whic... Continue reading →

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