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Unlike a lot of cons, Essen is more of a trade show and your actual game playing time in the venue will be very limited, unless you are prepared to spend hours hovering over gam... Continue reading →

As I mentioned yesterday, this year it's all about the expansions, so that's what a lot of these are. There are expansions for some of my real favourites so I'm busti... Continue reading →

For those of you who don't know - do you live under a rock? Essen Spiel 2015 is rapidly approaching.Spiel in Essen is the Worlds biggest board game event with over 150,000 peopl... Continue reading →

So, what is that one essential item all gamers need? A d20, gaming table, gaming group? The one thing we all need is a decent storage solution!We moved house four years ago whic... Continue reading →

The ten by ten concept is simple, at the start of the year choose ten games and commit to playing each of them ten times over the year. Let's face it, we're all guilty of the 'C... Continue reading →

Imagine our delight, when two days before our trip to Copenhagen, we find out about The Bastard Cafe, right in the centre of town. On their site they say 'Bastard Café is a café... Continue reading →

Obviously, loads happened at the UK Games Expo over the weekend, but for me, one of the highlights is the award ceremony.At the start of the weekend, everyone is given a sheet w... Continue reading →

The MCM Comic Cons are the biggest dates of the year in any geeks calender. Whatever flavour your geekdom is, there is something here for you, cosplay, video games old and new, ... Continue reading →

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