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I Play Red writes about board games, conventions, fun gaming related things.

I’m sure everyone has played some sort of deck builder, we love them here in all their forms! At their heart, all of these are deck builders but most of them have some sort of t... Continue reading →

A few snaps from the weekend at Spiel '17 Continue reading →

So, as per usual, I make a list of what I want to buy and go far and beyond that list! Here are the things that were not on my radar I will be coming home with. Continue reading →

Generally, we are late night party people so 4.30am is a time we quite often see on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. However, an alarm for that time of the morning is unheard of... Continue reading →

So, end of the month is approaching, which for a lot of us means pay day! What do you do when your FLGS has run out of stuff for you to buy? Well, obviously, you hit Kickstarter... Continue reading →

With Essen Spiel coming up, this has got me thinking about the various conventions I have been to over the years. Continue reading →

Since we are leaving for Essen Spiel Essen 2017 in exactly two weeks time, well we will already be on our way, here is my own personal notes on what I'm going to be picking up, ... Continue reading →

Love them or hate them, party games are a great way to get large groups of people playing, regardless of whether they are gamers or not! Here are my top five party games. Continue reading →

Last weekend we did a monster amount of driving that wasn’t game related! *shock horror* So, what did we do? We had a look for local board game cafes to go have a nose round! We... Continue reading →

This weekend we got to have a look at something very special! Frédéric Henry, in association with Monolith Games will soon be kickstarting Batman: The Boardgame and we got a sne... Continue reading →

Recently there was a discussion on The Boardgame Group about the oldest game you owned and why you still kept it. I had a few contenders for this one but it was also an interest... Continue reading →

Yesterday afternoon I got back from HeavyCon in Denver, tomorrow I leave for UK Games Expo in Birmingham!Heavy Con is very different to most other conventions in that it is inte... Continue reading →

At 2am this morning I will be waking up ready to start a 13 hour journey to Denver for the third annual HeavyCon. Heavy Cardboard is a podcast devoted to medium/heavy weight gam... Continue reading →

A few years back when inserts first hit the market, I scoffed. The money an insert cost could be better spent on another new game! This was until we’d played Caverna a few times... Continue reading →

... and I just can't hide it. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed\ Kickstarters are like buses. There hasn't been a lot this year that's got me excited enough to back, we... Continue reading →

Well, UK Games Expo is just 50 days away. What can you do in that amount of time?Here’s my list!Be married a year longer (Our Wedding Anniversary is just days away)Have an Easte... Continue reading →

Another weekend, another early morning! This time it was a leave home at 6.30am to start the trip to Harrogate for Airecon at Harrogate International Centre. While this was Aire... Continue reading →

Last Thursday we were up at the crack of dawn (well, 3am, so middle of the night!) to board a flight to Copenhagen at 6am. We got on a coach from there to Odense to see my favou... Continue reading →

Last Friday we went up to London to do some things and decided to visit the exhibition currently on at the V&A Museum of Childhood entitled Game Plan: Board Games Revisited.... Continue reading →

OK, I spend too much money on games and gaming (Don’t tell Rob I admitted this in public!) But how much is too much? I mean, if we don’t pay the mortgage we can always live in a... Continue reading →

OK, I’ll start by saying everyone has a different idea of what a ‘filler game’ is. To me, it’s something you play between games, or while you’re waiting for that last person in ... Continue reading →

I love a good challenge, so I really love the gaming challenges!Last year, I set out to reduce my ‘shelf of shame’ (aka the unplayed games list!) At the start of the year there ... Continue reading →

We all know that playing games involves a lot of decision making. Do you ever stop to think of the decisions that you make before you start play? If you are hosting a games even... Continue reading →

Those of you who read my blog may have noticed I love a good challenge! (10 by 10 in 2015 and unplayed games in 2016!) So, I have been looking for something new for 2017. In my ... Continue reading →

...Board Game Blogger, Reviewer, Playtester, Demonstrator, Con Junkie...

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